Galvanized Panels

Galvanized panels are very similar to Aluminum panels in the sense that they should be used as a temporary solution. Galvanized panels are different in the sense that unlike Aluminum Panels they are made out of steel. This makes for a heavy duty form of protection for your windows during the hurricane weather and makes your windows safe from intruders during the time that they are being used. However, because they are made of steel Galvanized panels won’t allow for natural lighting from the outside. This makes your home really dark and should not be used on a daily use. Galvanized Panels are better to reuse during hurricane watch or hurricane warnings but should not be left on your windows year round.

Galvanized Panels is the best option for homeowners who don’t necessarily want to have impact glass windows or doors installed in their homes. This option saves the owner time and money from needing to repeatedly drive over to the hardware store and hope that there is any wood panels left during the chaos that hurricane warnings tend to create. As for the design of the Galvanized Panels because this option is not really a permanent one, options are not really that broad but West Palm will be more than happy to help you find just the perfect solution for your home and your loved ones.

The accordion shutters function by giving the homeowner or business owner the ability to slide them open and close. As the name properly indicates their design resembles that of an accordion as it operates to open and close. Some Accordion shutters open and close from the center but in most commercial locations the accordion shutters will open from the left or right side to open and close. This style of protection will help eliminate the need to rush to the local hardware storm when hurricane watch or warnings are in effect because your perfect protection has already become a part of your home or business.


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